STHS v1 & v2 are officially free to download

Both STHS v2 Web Portal and STHS v1 Web Portal Classic are free to download. Click on the links on the right to download from

I am ending all support for these projects as of now. Moving forward I plan I starting over and working on a new project with the STHS.

STHS Web Portal to become open Source

I have been debating the future of the webportal over the last little bit, and I have decided recently that I will make version 1 and 2 of the STHS web portal free to the public.   I will update this site and make the links to download the software from GitHub soon.

2011-12 NHL Players and Prospects photos

Hi everyone, I just put together a package of all the latest photos of NHL players and prospects directly from every NHL teams website.   Enjoy.


Version 3.3 is released.

Finally after six months of working on version 3.3 off and on I have finally released it.  

What's New:

NHL & AHL 2012 Ratings

You can download the 2012 Ratings now

3.2 is now available

The big news is the new Contract Extension system built into the portal.  

In all of the previous version of the portal, the contracts would always go up, never down.    

Now go to the portals "CONFIG" page and enter the "AVERAGE SALARY".  Right now in the NHL the average salary is $2,500,000 so that is the default value in the portal.  

Updated - Special characters not displaying properly in status updates and comments

Please ignore this posting and remove the addition lines of code that I had you add.  The new 3.2 version of the portal will handle this much better.





For those of you that use special characters in their status updates and comments, you were finding that they were not displaying properly on the site.

3.1 update is released

What's New:

  • Changed the function to calculate the players and goalies ages
  • Fixed division standings leaders
  • Fixed status updates to allow apostrophes.
  • Added an option to set a limit to which draft picks can be traded
  • Added general manager history
  • Fixed imports to insert coaching stats
  • Fixed other minor reported bugs.

What's next for the STHS v2 Web Portal

To be honest I'm going to take a little time off from building any new features and rebuilding old ones.   I'll tackle any little bugs or maintenance as reported.

Winnipeg Jets Logos

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